ODAWGS 6.0 VGT Compound Kit
ODAWGS 6.0 VGT Compound Kit
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ODAWGS 6.0 VGT Compound Kit

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6.0 Odawg's VGT Compound Kit


Features & Details:

  • Compatible with any drop in VGT Turbo
  • S475 or S480 available for additional cost
  • Quicker Spool, and More Power
  • Perfect for towing and racing 


Our VGT compound kit is compatible with any VGT Turbo that’s on the market. Pair your VGT turbo with either a box S475 or upgraded billet S480 to get your truck to the power level you have been striving for. We do offer a battery relocation tray to make room for your second turbo. Even add an upgraded KC Intercooler to get the most air to your whirly birds.

Compounds turbo setups offer LESS SMOKE, LOWER EMISSIONS, lower EGTs, quicker spool, and more power when compared to any other setup available.  With the smaller HP turbo and larger LP turbo, you get the benefits of the smaller quicker spooling turbo AND more top end power from the larger turbo. Compound turbo setups outperform single turbo setups in every way.

Includes all piping necessary for compound kit, oil feed lines, oil drain lines, oil adapters, plug for your stock oil pan, clamps, and turbo mount, and optional LP turbo.

**** We recommend getting custom 6.4 EBP sensor tuning to better control the VGT turbo at higher boost levels you will see ****



**** Difficulty level is 10 out of 10.  VERY HARD.  This kits is not for the faint of heart and not as easy as just swapping a few parts.  DO NOT BUY IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW COMPOUND KITS WORK and how they should be installed.  This should only be installed by enthusiasts who want to take on a project and willing to do a little fab work.  

***Does not include cold side CAC tubes since they can be reused and no fitment change is needed in this area.  We can sell you a new pipe at an additional cost if needed.


DOES NOT INCLUDE HP TURBO. This kits is meant to re-use what you already have, or you can add an upgraded HP turbo. Will work with any drop in VGT style drop in turbo.



HP Ratings-

  • Stock VGT/S475 - 650-700 HP (175/30 to 205/75)
  • Stage 2/S475 - 700-750 HP (205/75 - 225/75)
  • Stage 2/S480 - 750-800 HP (225/75 - 250/100)


Battery Tray-

  • The battery tray will come unfinished, powder coat available by special request. Extended lead times apply
  • NO CABLES INCLUDED.  You will need to make up your own battery cables.  Most choose to make the stock cables work and use crossover cables.



PLEASE NOTE: Requires moving/deleting the passenger side battery tray, relocation of vacuum canister, removing the inner fender well, modifying/removing the windshield wiper fluid bottle, and moving a few wires out of the way, adding oil bung to the oil pan.  This is not meant for the average Joe with no mechanical experience.  This kit would be considered HIGH on the difficulty level due to the modifications required to install.