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Water Pump Kit w/ Cover by Merchant Automotive®. Includes flywheel lock, all gaskets, and o-rings for installation. Seal between housing and gasket is installed. Bolts are torqued. Some existing hardware will be re-used. Build your ideal engine cooling system with superior Merchant Automotive cooling system parts that will help effectively carry away heat to prevent engine compartment overheating. Manufactured from top-grade materials and real-world tested, they deliver proper cooling performance at higher temperatures throughout their lifetime.


High quality at an affordable price
Expertly made from premium materials
Built to match your exact requirements
Cooling is crucial to your engine reliability and lifespan as well as to overall vehicle performance and well-being. When the temperature outside is boiling hot, drivers may become concerned about engine warming issues, or in other words, engine overheating. Most of modified cars tend to have problems with low-speed cooling, but an average daily driver can also overheat due to a midday sun that can really turn up the heat. For professional car builders and die-hard engine fanatics who want to build a custom, high-performance engine cooling system to get maximum power and performance gains as well as for those who need to replace their malfunctioning original parts to optimize their engine cooling system, Merchant Automotive is the answer to all specific cooling needs.

Since tuned-up engines generate much more heat than a factory system can handle, you need cooling system parts with higher capacity and heat transfer capability that can efficiently cool down your high-performance engine and dissipate excessive heat into the atmosphere to prevent engine overheating and consequent damage. Merchant Automotive offers a full line of top-of-the-line engine cooling system components, including high-performance thermostats, cooling fan clutch assemblies, water pumps, and many more. With these components, you can get the ultimate balance between coolant speed and the amount of airflow through the radiator with consistent cooling system performance across the entire operating range. These Merchant Automotive cooling parts are sure to bring engine cooling efficiency to the next level. When your swap your stock cooling components out with Merchant Automotive parts, you’ll get the most out of your prised possession.

Merchant Automotive, LLC was founded in 2004 by Eric Merchant. Eric was a long time employee of GM dealerships before forming Merchant Automotive, LLC. Eric got his start in high school where he discovered his passion for anything with a motor. He took his passion and turned it into a career in 1993 working in a small shop doing brakes and alignment work. He accumulated knowledge daily and soon took a position at a GM dealership in 1995 and advanced up the ranks over the next 10 years. Along the way, Eric studied the business hard, taking over 3000 hours of GM training and maintaining ASE Master Certification since 1998. .

In April 2008, Merchant Automotive® moved into its current location in Zeeland, MI. The move was a huge undertaking that involved a complete remodel of the building. That building, having over 10,000 sq ft of space, has allowed for greater expansion and a large retail front. Merchant Automotive provides industry leading customer service and support. Our staff of professionals has intimate knowledge in all the Duramax/Allison platforms we represent and are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Merchant Automotive provides you with highly specific technical information not found anywhere else. Many of our products are custom designed and manufactured in-house to maximize the performance and reliability of your truck. The emphasis on product design and specialized manufacturing means that MA can offer you low pricing on products not found at other companies. Merchant Automotive can build anything from pulling hitches to traction bars and all the way to custom twin turbo build ups. Merchant Automotive has earned great recognition for building the engine and transmission in the well-known truck “Nasty Girl”. This truck has dyno’d over 1000 horsepower on two separate occasions and is used as a daily driver by its owner.



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