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6.0L Coolant Reroute Kit


Higher end kit than our standard coolant re-route. Can either tie into the factory coolant system or connect directly to the PSP Diesel coolant tank.


Are you running a fully ported intake and need to reroute the coolant from the oil cooler top plate?

Fully ported intakes no longer have the internal coolant passages that carry coolant from the oil cooler top plate, through the EGR Cooler, and into the front cover. In order to maintain the flow of coolant through the system, a bypass is needed.

Our 6.0L Coolant Reroute Kit for Ported Intakes delivers the coolant back to the -8 fitting on the side of the PSP 6.0L Race Coolant Reservoir  in the cleanest way possible!

The kit comes with everything you will need to run a fully ported intake with our 6.0L Race Coolant Reservoir.


-8 AN to -8 ANO-Tuff fitting
3/8 NPT to -8 HOSE AN
3ft LTWT #8 Black Hose
Billet machined coolant reroute block

NOTE: A freeze plug will need to be installed in the front cover port that is no longer used in order to eliminate a leak point.


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