by Fmeaddons

RevMax 5r110w Signature Series



Ford Rebuilt 5R110W Signature Series Transmission

The Revmax 5R110W Signature Series performance automatic transmission. These units are built to the most stringent tolerances by one expert technician from beginning to end, and each unit is signed by the technician when finished. This unit is rated at up to 1200HP (shafts will need to be upgraded) and has undergone over a year of rigorous R&D and performance testing. We don’t just say we have pride in our transmission, we literally put our name on it.  This transmission features the following:

This transmission contains internal parts with the ability to hold up to 1200HP. However, this will require upgrading the shafts in the transmission.  Unlike our competition, we do not leave optional upgraded parts out when we build our units. We do not have stages or levels as our transmissions ALL come fully built with no available upgrades other than billet shafts. We recommend upgrading the input shaft for any customer towing or racing their truck. As for the Intermediate, we recommend this for customers who will be doing boosted launches or towing heavy. We only recommend upgrading the output shaft for those customers who will be producing over 750HP and will be racing the majority of the time.

Not only do we have the best internal parts in our units, we have spent over $150k in valve body testing equipment to provide our customers with the best tested and performing valve body that money can buy. Each valve body is custom configured to our customer’s truck and individual tested prior to being installed in the transmission.

Standard Upgraded Internal Components

  • Includes Stage 5 Triple Disc Billet Torque Converter
  • 5 Clutch Forward Drum with Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels, Custom Machined Pressure Plate and Piston. (Factory Has 4 Clutches)
  • 5 Clutch Direct Drum with Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels, Custom Machined Pressure Plate and Piston. (Factory Has 4 Clutches)
  • 5 Clutch Overdrive w Kolene Steels (Factory has 3 Clutches)
  • 5 Clutch Intermediate w Kolene Steels (Factory has 3 clutches)
  • High Performance Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid
  • High Performance Low / Reverse Snap Ring
  • Upgraded Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Upgraded Pressure Regulator Spring
  • Upgraded TCC Regulator Valve
  • Upgraded Pressure Control Limit Valve
  • Extra Deep 4 Quart Additional Cast Aluminum Pan with Drain Plug
  • 2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty