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Colt Cams has worked with numerous performance shops over the years to perfect a suitable upgrade that not only performs better, but is reliable. These cams will help reduce EGT's (by getting the exhaust out of the cylinder and new air in), improve horsepower, improve the engine's performance throughout the entire rpm range (yes, you guessed it, by getting the exhaust out of the cylinder and new air in!) and can support up to 5,000 rpms.

The Stage 2 NEW BILLET camshafts are designed to be a drop in. These have a slight lift and duration increase over the Stage I but are very similar.

The advantages to a Stage 2 over the Stage I are:
This is a new camshaft BILLET (with a stock base circle size)
It has been heat treated 5 X deeper than stock
This is a great alternative to having to send in a used core, saving in shipping and a possible charge for welding and fixing worn lobes

Duration @0.050 Cam Lift Valve Lift Lobe Sep.
180 Degrees
.252 .353 107
EXHAUST 201 Degrees
.254 .361

IMPORTANT: While this cam is designed as a drop in replacement, there absolutely can be variances in engines that can cause variances. Any camshaft installation should include checking valve clearance before start up.


The 6.0 and 6.4 Power Stroke engines are designed with heavy emissions controls in mind. This means that the camshafts aren't designed to take full advantage of the air flow the heads can produce. They are designed to reduce emissions by keeping some exhaust gas in the cylinders. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to spool up a non-VGT turbo on your Power Stroke.