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What's Included
4 Feet of 1/0 Positive Cable.
3 Feet of 1/0 Negative Cable.
5/16" Ring Terminal for Alternator Connection.
3/8" Ring Terminals Positive and Negative Cable Connections with Military SAE Terminals.
Mega Fuse of your choice (up to 300 amps).
Instruction sheet.
30 AWG Rope Lay Extra Flexible Stranding.
-49°C to 105°C, 600 Volt Rating.
Resistant to oil, water, acid, gas, cuts, tears and abrasion.
Moisture resistant.
Maintains cold weather flexibility.
Bare, annealed electrolytic copper.
Designed for heavy duty use where maximum flexibility and resistance to cuts, tears and abrasion is required.

Dual Insulated Jacketing Technology
Inner Jacket - Added for Your Safety
A vinyl separator of high contrast color is applied between the conductor and outer sheath for your added safety This provides: Increased insulation, added flexibility, and allows you to easily identify damage or wear.

Outer Jacket
TYPE TPE (FT1) Provides: oil, water, acid, gas resistance, durability and maximum flexibility at all operating temperatures.


Upgraded charge cables are a much-needed upgrade when purchasing a new high output alternator. The factory wiring harness was designed specifically for the stock alternator output. When a high output alternator is put into the equation, this can cause the factory wiring harness to become inefficient. To alleviate this issue, DC Power has the solution. DC Power Big 3 Charge Cable Kits simply add on to the factory wiring harness that in return will solve the issue of overstraining the factory wiring harness. By adding DC Power Engineering’s Big 3 Charge Cable kit, the vehicle’s charging system will keep the batteries, computer system, and other various accessories running at their best without any difficulties of getting the power they need.